Our Mission Goal for 2025
As a person who has spent many years fighting for the rights of workers, it is VERY important to know more about where the stones I use are sourced from and what are the practices that are being used to removes these precious crystals from our amazing earth. We strive to work with suppliers who sell high quality crystals that are ethically sourced, and their workers are paid fair wages. Many of our suppliers work with family owned and operated mines. 
We haved ask questions to find out if the mines are being environmentally friendly to reduce their impact on the earth. What are the working conditions, and do they know about the wages paid to the workers. MOST of our suppliers were able to let us know that the practices are fair and equitable. However I understand that sometimes you need more than just a verbal confirmation. We have given ourselves a goal that by 2025 we will only use sources that we can truly verify are adhering to the values we hold important.
As a commitment to you, our environment and the ability to live an equitable life with fair wages, and safe work  atmosphere we will dig deep to keep this promise to you. Yes, I see A LOT of traveling in my future..
Thank you,