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Mythical Skin Collection: The connections between the skin we are in and power structures are undeniable. To excel in certain areas of life can be called into question based upon perceptions of what should and should not be achieved. Preconceived notions may bring forth feelings of jealousy, anger and envy or adoration, worship, or lust.  What is assumed about the skin we are in and the reactive response of those around us when we challenge those ideologies can lead to actions that are impactful of legendary proportions.


Our skin may lead others to have ideas of what and where our “place” in society should exist. When we prove those thoughts wrong the reactions can set forth a series of events that escalate into many reactions. Those actions can leave a haunting legacy that carries on for generations.


The latest painting to join the Mythical Skin Collection is of Iara or “Lady of the Waters” whose Amazonian legend tells a tale of skill, jealousy, and death. It was said that Iara was the beloved daughter of the chief or spiritual leader of her tribe. She possessed unmatched skills at warfare and was regarded as kind and strong. She was admired by many, but her brothers were filled with envy and jealousy of this admiration of their sister in their patriarchal tribe. They set out to kill Iara, but she overpowered them and they both died. Her father was angered at the lose of his son’s and did not listen to Iara’s story of defense.  She was to be punished with death. Eventually the members of the tribe found her, and she was drowned, but her spirit lived on.


Tales of Iara’s spirit still exist today as being responsible for deaths of men, women, and children in the deep woods and waters in Amazonia. She is said to particularly lure men in with her beauty described as having golden skin, green hair and a lovely voice that draws men in where she either kills them or some even say she adds them to her underwater harem. It is believed that those who survive her encounter will go insane and may have teeth marks on their flesh.

12 x 12 Mixed Media with Gold accents

Unframed Canvas