Purple Imperial Jasper Fearless Bracelet

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10mm Purple Imperial Jasper stretch bracelet. 

  • Handmade with choice of Gold, Silver or Rose Gold All Cheri Charm
  • 7 inch (18 cm) size
  • Comes with information on healing properties and lore of the stone 

Customizations For Sizing Are Available. Please Leave A Note At Checkout For Sizing Changes.  

Sizing Guide: 
Using a measuring tape, measure tightly just above the wrist bone.
—If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can use a thin, flat paper strip. Wrap the paper strip around your wrist and mark with a pen where it starts to overlap. Lay the strip flat and measure its length up to the pen mark with a ruler.
—Take the measurement from either the measuring tape or the paper strip and round it to the nearest 1/2”. That number will be your Wrist Measurement.
- If you like a snug fit go with the exact measurement or if you want a little slack to add a little space to your measurement.


Customizations take 3 days once your sizing information is received to remake.